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Welcome to Digital Dental & Design- a dental lab here in Ohio
combining 40 years experience with today’s technology
fabricating quality appliances for dentists and orthodontists


At Digital Dental & Design we are committed to the provision of excellent appliances and services for you, your practice, and your patients.

Our lab uses the latest technology and 3D printing capabilities to make truly customized, one-of-a-kind appliances for your patients. With this, you’ll be able to address the unique needs of your patients in order to treat them in a timely manner.
Whether you need removable, fixed, or functional appliances, splints, mouth guards, aligners-or aligners designed for your printing and fabrication we are here to serve you. Don’t forget handpiece repair and services!


Why  Choose

You’ll Get Customized Services.

When working with Digital Dental & Design, you will have a dedicated team that will handle your designing and fabricating needs. Whether you want an expert to troubleshoot a difficult case or you need help with a challenge, we’ll be there.
Our skilled technicians will utilize our top-of-the-line equipment to produce everything you need fast and with expert precision.

Vast Experience at Digital Dental & Design

Digital Dental Design has been in operation for over 35 years where we’ve handled the most complex designing and fabricating projects. With this experience, our technicians will know how to best serve your dental practice.

We use High-Quality Materials in Our Fabrication Process.

We understand how much you want to exceed the expectation of your clients at all times. To help you with this, our experts will use the best materials that have been certified by the relevant bodies. All you need to do is to tell us about your needs and we’ll make it happen!

Affordable Pricing.

Though we provide accurate, precise, appealing, and consistent services, you’ll realize the value of our services. Our fees are fair and you will experience the benefit of your investment appliance after appliance.

Digital Design Ohio



At Digital Dental & Design, we strive hard to ensure that you get the best removable and fixed appliances. Whether you are into dentistry or orthodontics, we get you the consistent most accurate high quality appliances possible. Whether you need to temporarily replace teeth, hold space, create space, align, or realign, we have appliances for you to care best for and serve you patients.

Fixed Dental Appliances.

At Digital Dental & Design, we understand the unique needs of your clients especially when it comes to fixed dental appliances. You can depend on us to ensure that every dental appliance will be fabricated with a quality fit for your patients.  Using our fixed appliances, you’ll spend less time adjusting appliances and therefore enabling you to treat more patients.
Here are some of the fixed dental appliances you’ll get from Digital Dental Design:

  • Space Maintainer
  • Lingual Arch
  • Thumb/ Tongue Crib
  • Blue Grass
  • Nance Button
  • Palatal Bar
  • Quad Helix/Bi Helix
  • Hyrax, Haas, Bonded RPE
  • Arnold Expander
  • W-Arch
Dental Design Ohio
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Removable Appliances.

Do you need a flipper, bite plate, retainers, aligners or any other removable appliance? Give us a call. We offer a complete line of removable appliances at an affordable cost. Our staffs are always available to meet your request and provide an end product with an unequaled fit and finish.
Here are some of the removable appliances you’ll get from Digital Dental & Design:

  • Hawley
  • Wrap Around Hawley
  • Spring Aligner
  • Aligner Trays
  • Phase 1 Retainer
  • Anterior Bite Plate
  • Posterior Bite Plate
  • Retainer w/ Plastic Teeth
  • Invisible Retainer
  • Athletic Mouth Guard
  • Bleaching Tray w/ Reservoir
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As a professional, you need a dental lab that will represent you in the treatment of your patients. You want a friendly team and one that maintains open lines of communication. The good news is, Digital Dental & Design- in Ohio, offers this and much more!
Our highly experienced experts have what it takes to create custom athletic mouthguards and splints. All you need is to make a call, give your specifications, and leave the rest to us!
There are some of the splints and mouth guards you can expect from Digital Dental & Design in Ohio.

Splints/ Nightguards

  • Flat Plane
  • Gelb
  • Biostar Overlay Splint
  • Anterior Repositioning
  • Superior Repositioning
  • NTI
  • Durasoft
  • Variflex
  • Full contact w/ Anterior Guidance
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Custom Athletic Mouthguard

  • Single Color
  • Multi-Color
  • Light Weight
  • Medium Weight
  • Heavy Weight
  • Clear
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At Digital Dental & Design Ohio, we’ve been making exceptional functional appliances for over 35 years. Our experts will not only perform excellently with basic functional appliances but will make that unique appliance with the auxiliary design that your client needs.
Whether you need expansion, anterior or posterior movement, to open or close a bite, or mandibular growth, give us a call. We’ll gladly make a product based on your needs and specifications.
Here are some of the functional appliances you’ll get from us:

Active Plates
  • Sagittal
  • Schwarz
  • Nord
  • w/ 1 Screws
  • w/ 2 Screws
  • w/ 3 Screws
  • Bionator
  • Corrector
  • Twin Block
  • w/ Midline Exp. Screw
  • w/ Tongue Shield
  • w/ Lip Bumper
  • Banded Design
  • Crowned Design
  • Removable/ Bonded
  • Biostar/ Biocryl
  • Haas RPE
  • Hyrax RPE
Sleep Appliances
  • EMA
  • Sleeping Removable Herbst
  • Biostar Sleeping Herbst


Are you searching for a trusted source of Plaster Study Models, Printed Models, Digital Models or Scanned Models for files? Call Digital Dental & Design Ohio today. We offer quick prompt service for anything you need.
If you are unsure about the right model for your office, our knowledgeable staff will offer the help that you need. You will find complete satisfaction when sourcing your products from Digital Dental Design.
Here are some of the models you’ll get from us:

Impression Trays

  • Disposable
  • Return Trays

Plaster Models

  • Plaster Study Models from Alginate Impressions
  • Unfinished Models

Note: Every study model is trimmed to fit the recommended tweed height unless you indicate otherwise. You can make a call to give your preferred specifications before we process your order.

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Digital Models

  • Virtual Study Models (can be printed)
  • Scanned Models for storage

Printed Models

  • Study Models -Full Bases
  • Study Models-Low Profile Bases

Unbased Working Models

  • Full Palate or Lower w/Lingual Anatomy
  • Horseshoe-6mm beyond gingival margin


Digital Dental & Design is a trusted source for dental handpiece repair services across Ohio and beyond. Our business is based on referrals and returning clients. Our handpiece repairs are made with the highest quality bearings and spindles saving you money over time. We offer free estimates whether the damage is extensive or minimal and we will return your handpieces as promptly as possible.

There is no limit to what Digital Dental & Design Ohio can deliver for all your dentistry or orthodontist needs. We give our all to ensure that we deliver a perfect fit for your clients that will not need any adjustments.
Give us a call today and talk our trusted experts will help you with all your dental appliances needs. You’ll be glad you did!